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Beard & Body Oil

Beard & Body Oil

1 oz of the highest quality ingredients

Beard & Body Oil

Moisturize, strengthen, and keep your beard smelling fresh

Key Ingredients:

Jojoba, Sea Buck thorn Seed, Sunflower, Grape-seed, Avocado, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera.

Essential Oils Added:

Tea Tree uses are: acne, antioxidant, inflammation, skin infections, and antibacterial. It also has strong immune-building properties.

Davana uses are: to uplift mood, decongestant, deter microbes/bacteria, and rich antioxidant content. It is also know to improve hormonal balance, soothe rough, dry and chapped skin.

Manuka uses are: anti-allergic, antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory. It also helps with muscles and joint pains, eczema, scalp itch, and dandruff, odor, oily skin, and sinusitis. It is calming to oversensitive nerves, helps to combat stress and irritability.

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