Smell Too Good Fragrances has no affiliation with designers nor manufacturers with our oil types. Smell Too Good Fragrances oil types consist of  essential oil mixtures to smell similar but is not the original colognes or perfumes. It is only a perfume oil version of a designer scent. The designer name(s) are trademarked and belong to the original manufacture. The copyrights and trademarks do not belong to Smell Too Good Fragrances but to the manufacture(s) and /or designer(s). We do not claim that our oils are the originals, only to be compared. Smell Too Good Fragrances has no intention on misleading the customer into believing that our oils are original or to infringe on the manufacture(s) or designer(s) name. Our website is in complaints with the Federal Trade Commission's statement of policy regarding comparative advertising.

Directions for use of roll on: Place bottle in one hand and in the palm of the other hand, in a tilted position roll the ball in a circular motion to distribute fragrance.

Do not: Roll or spray directly onto clothing. These body oils are not meant to be applied directly to clothing (especially fragile fabrics such as silk and satin.)

Improper use: Laying bottle on side or upside down for extended amounts of time, placing bottles in direct heat or even rolling the ball against the hairs of your arms excessively instead of in the palm of your hand and not closing securely.   Please note: Be careful around furniture, oils can damage surfaces. Keep oil away from eyes and sensitive areas. Keep oil out of reach from small children and pets. If you have allergies or sensitive skin, consult with doctor before using oils. Please remember your personal body chemistry could change and will reflect the overall scent of the fragrance. Everyone has there own unique body chemistry.