Cologne Of The Month: Azzaro Wanted By Night

Azzaro Wanted By Night

Azzaro Wanted by Night is the fragrance of a modern-day seducer. An extraordinary man. Elegant, bold, mysterious, he is surrounded by an air of confidence and power. Whether night or day, he attracts and arouses desire… For him, it’s an endless night; and for them, it’s a one-on-one moment that they will never forget…

One chance encounter is enough for the Azzaro Wanted by Night man to leave his mark forever.

Like the man that wears Azzaro Wanted by Night, the fragrance is a blend of temptation and masculinity. Its mix of exotic woods and spices draws one in, and keeps one close. An Eau de Parfum with three distinct accords…

This woody-oriental-spicy fragrance embraces and celebrates the unabashed sensuality of the Azzaro Wanted by Night by combining three key notes:
Cinnamon, Red Cedar and Tabacco.

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